Temple Beth-El


Temple Beth-El’s worship style—accessible and inclusive—enriches the heart, mind and spirit of all who attend. Our dynamic clergy team leads the congregation in fulfilling our spiritual mission. Our clergy provide prayerful, warm, inspirational and insightful services on Shabbat (erev and morning services), festivals, holidays, and High Holy Days.

At Temple Beth-El, all individuals participate equally in all religious services. Wearing of tallit and/or kipah is optional; both are available at the entry to our sanctuary and chapel for use during services.

Online Minyan takes place weekdays from 8-8:40 a.m. Rabbi Stoller invites you to join him and Reform Jews from across the country for Temple Beth-El’s Daily Virtual Morning Minyan. Join Zoom room here (Meeting ID: 852 8446 5546; Passcode: 6ctR9g)
Wednesday morning Minyan is lay led. Thursday Minyan meets online AND in person, includes a Torah reading and discussion, and lasts about an hour.

Erev Shabbat Services generally begin at 7 p.m. each Friday night, except during the summer, when they begin at 6:30 p.m. We recommend that you check our calendar to verify all service times. An Oneg Shabbat always follows services. During summer, services are held outdoors in our lovely Rudin Garden, weather permitting.

Torah Study takes place every Saturday at 9 a.m. This class is open to all congregants and prospective congregants. No preparation is necessary, and no knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Shabbat Morning Services take place each week at 10:30 a.m.


3/24/23—Rabbi Stoller “We are the Sacrifice—On Prayer Flow and Spiritual Heterodoxy”
3/10/23—Rabbi Stoller “The Idolatry of Politics”
2/24/23—Cantor Adam “Terumah: The Emotional Ownership Experience”
2/17/23—Rabbi Stoller “Spiritual Meaning in a ‘Remixed’ World”
2/3/23—Rabbi Stoller “Always Be (Un-)Learning”
1/27/23—Rabbi Stoller “Pharoah, T’shuvah, and the Power of Regret”
1/20/23—Rabbi Stoller “On Choosing Leaders and the Meaning of Integrity”
1/13/23—Rabbi Stoller Opening Remarks, MLK Erev Shabbat Service
1/6/23—“‘You Don’t Have the Votes’: Talmudic Perspectives on Negotiation and Compromise”
12/30/22—Rabbi Stoller “We are ‘Ofthem,’ Too: Rethinking the Matriarchs in Light of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale'”
12/23/22—Rabbi Stoller “War, Peace, Grace, and the Meaning of Hanukkah”
12/16/22—Cantor Adam “A Light in the Darkness”
12/9/22—Rabbi Stoller “Hardwiring Gone Haywire-The Tribalist Impulse from Genesis to Great Neck”
12/2/22—Rabbi Stoller “The Growth Mindset and the Legacy—and Future—of Temple Beth-El”
11/25/22—Rabbi Stoller “’And These are the Generations’: A Patriarch’s Legacy and the Importance of Family”
11/18/22—Rabbi Stoller “How Easily We Laugh: On Dave Chapelle and the Alienation of American Jews”
11/4/22—Rabbi Stoller “Complexity, Not Caricature—A Message of Empathy for Election Day”
10/28/22—Cantor Davis “Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows?”
10/21/22—Rabbi Stoller “The Brightest of All Time—Science, Religion, and the Mystery of the Divine Light”
10/14/22—Rabbi Stoller “On Lulavs, Lululemon, and the Fight Against Gender Apartheid”
10/7/22—Rabbi Stoller “’May My Speech Come Down Like Rain’: Halakhic Insights into the Transformative Power of Torah”
10/5/22—Rabbi Stoller Yom Kippur “’Compassionate Candor’ and the  Mitzvah to Rebuke”
10/4/22—Rabbi Stoller Kol Nidrei “In a Pandemic of Certainty, We Need More Curiosity”                                                                                                   
9/26/22—Rabbi Stoller Rosh Hashanah “On God, Spiritual Discontent, and Self-Knowledge: A Theology of Divine Friendship”
9/25/22—Cantor Davis Erev Rosh Hashanah “Take a Risk and Make it Rain”
9/23/22—Rabbi Stoller “Transcendence, Belonging, and Expressing the Inexpressible: On the Power of Ritual”
9/16/22—Rabbi Stoller “The Hasidic Yeshivas Exposé—On the Fragile Balance Between Private and Public Interest”
9/9/22—Rabbi Stoller “Do Compassionate to Be Compassionate—The Lesson of the Mother Bird”
9/2/99—Cantor Davis “Repairing Our Broken World with Our Words”8/26/22—Rabbi Stoller “Jerusalem or/and Rome: On Satmar Chasidism, Reform Judaism, and the Challenge of Modernity”
8/19/22—Rabbi Stoller “To Stand or Not to Stand—A History”
8/12/22—Rabbi Stoller “On Hungarian Illiberalism Then and Now”
8/5/22—Cantor Davis “Repairing Our Broken World with Our Words”
7/29/22—Rabbi Stoller “The Swallower of People”
7/22/22—Rabbi Stoller “’The Faithful Shepherd’: A Vision for My Rabbinate at Temple Beth-El”
7/15/22—Rabbi Stoller “That Magic Moment”
7/8/22—Rabbi Stoller “Try Speaking to the Rock—An Idea for Breaking the Deadlock on Guns”
7/1/22—Rabbi Stoller “Pluralistic Leadership: On Korach, Collaboration and Disagreement for the Sake of Heaven”