Temple Beth-El

Adult Education

Temple Beth-El routinely offers a variety of adult education courses on a range of topics including current events, historical reference, and Hebrew language.

All courses are also listed on our calendar.


Shabbat Morning Torah Study: Parashat HashavuahSaturdays, 9:15-10:15 a.m.Instructors: TBE ClergyFounded more than 30 years ago by Rabbi Davidson, our weekly Shabbat morning study of parashat hashavuah (the weekly Torah portion) is one of the jewels in the Temple-Beth El crown. The classical commentators, Jewish history, modern thought, current events, and our own personal experiences intersect each week as our clergy lead us in thought-provoking, in-depth conversation about Judaism’s most sacred book. No prior knowledge or background is necessary, as each person brings a unique and valuable perspective to the table that enriches the learning for everyone.

This class is open to all congregants and prospective congregants. No preparation is necessary, and no knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Judaism’s Spiritual Vocabulary: Discovering Meaning in the Siddur
Thursdays, 9:15-10:15 a.m. following morning Minyan
Class meets weekly on an ongoing basis.

The prayers in the siddur are the spiritual vocabulary of the Jewish people: they help us praise and thank God in times of joy, lament and mourn in times of sadness, and give us words to speak when our own words fail us. Like other forms of poetry, our prayerbook uses vivid imagery to stir our emotions, affirm the majesty and mystery of life, and attempt to express the inexpressible. In this class, Rabbi Stoller will guide us in exploring the siddur in all its many facets: its structure, its language, its history and evolution, and its relevance as a living spiritual vocabulary for our own lives.  

Bagels and coffee will be served. To register, call 516-487-0900.



Rabbi’s Book Club: Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World, by Tara Isabella Burton
Tuesday, June 4, 7-8:30 p.m. IN PERSON and ONLINE (*rescheduled from May 21*)
Though affiliation with traditional religions like Judaism and Christianity is on the decline, research shows that modern Americans are still very much seeking spirituality and meaning in life. Sociologist Tara Isabella Burton argues that we are increasingly searching for this meaning in modern secular religions like politics, wellness, technology, the occult, and even Harry Potter fandom. We will discuss how Reform Judaism can and should adapt to meet the spiritual needs of today’s seekers. Please read the book in advance of the discussion.

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Join us in person or online via zoom. No registration is needed. Join Zoom Room (Meeting ID: 858 6898 6205 Passcode: shA8B1).