Temple Beth-El

High Holy Days

The High Holy Days bring our synagogue community together, as our rabbi and cantor lead and inspire us in prayer and music. We hold services and programs for all ages, and the upcoming schedule of offerings is available on our calendar.

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5783/2022 High Holy Days Information

Coming soon.

Special Needs During the High Holy Days

Reserved Seating

The only reserved seating is for current and past presidents, clergy family and the physically challenged. Seats may not be reserved or held for any service except for congregants who are parking cars. Fifteen minutes before services start, ushers will ask you to relinquish any seats you are holding. If you need reserved seating because of a physical condition, please contact the office in advance of the service(s) you plan to attend, and accommodations will be made.

Signers are Available

Congregants have volunteered to sign for the rabbi’s sermons if there is a request for this service. If you are hearing impaired and can be assisted by a sign language interpreter for the sermons, please call the office at 516-487-0900 in advance of the service(s) you plan to attend, and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Hearing Enhancement System

Our hearing enhancement system is available for use during services held in the sanctuary. If you require use of the system, headsets are available. You can request a headset on your High Holy Days ticket request form or call the office at 516-487-0900 ext. 110 in advance of the service(s) you plan to attend. You will be asked to leave your driver’s license or a credit card as a form of security and as a reminder to you to return the headset before leaving the synagogue.


To ensure the safety and comfort of all congregants, a specific area has been designated for the seating of individuals who are wheelchair-bound. If you require a place for your wheelchair and you have not already noted your request on your High Holy Days ticket request form, please call the office in advance of the service(s) you plan to attend so appropriate accommodations can be made.

Large Print Prayer Books

Made possible by generous support from Sisterhood Helen Zaner Services for the Blind Fund, large print prayer books are available for use on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Requests for the use of large print books can be made on your High Holy Day Ticket Request Form.

Ushers Always Needed

The Temple Beth-El Usher Corps is always looking to add a few good men and women to its ranks. Although the time commitment is minimal, our ushers fulfill the important functions of making our fellow congregants feel at home and fostering an appropriate environment for worship. If you are able to volunteer for two or three Friday night, Saturday morning, or services per year, please contact 516-487-0900.

High Holy Days Sermons

Coming in September.