Temple Beth-El


Brotherhood of Temple Beth-El has a long and proud tradition of serving both our synagogue and our local community. Attend monthly meetings, participate in special just-for-men Brotherhood events, help out at select synagogue and community-service events, and enjoy the camaraderie of others. Our Brotherhood chapter has repeatedly won awards from the Men of Reform Judaism national organization.

We offer many volunteer opportunities, including – but not limited to – the following:

  • Brotherhood hosts the annual Saul Kessler Interfaith Seder for our Catholic, Protestant and Muslim neighbors as well as Project Understanding.
  • Brotherhood promotes food donation and financial support for the Great Neck Interfaith Food Pantry at St. Aloysius RC Church.
  • Brotherhood provides Easter Sunday and Independence Day meals for clients of the Great Neck Interfaith Food Pantry.
  • Brotherhood members partner with the Hatzilu organization to bring monthly Shabbat meals to local Jewish families in need.
  • Brotherhood members host Sukkot and Memorial Day barbeques for the congregation.
  • Brotherhood members take leadership roles in TBE initiatives – including our Go-Green program – building projects, lectures and author talks, as well as our usher corps.

Members attend ten monthly meetings, which include a Sunday bagel breakfast or Thursday evening dinner. For paid members, Brotherhood also schedules Men’s Night Out dinners, book discussions and other events. Brotherhood hosts an annual barbeque at a former president’s home, and we take advantage of group discounts for Mets games, West Point football games and other activities. Annual dues are $60.