Temple Beth-El

Great Neck Nowruz Concert & Celebration

Thursday, March 21, 2024    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Temple Beth-El hosts the Great Neck Nowruz concert and celebration of Persian New Year, featuring musical performances by Katayoun Moosazadeh (vocals), Arieh Aghajani (santur), and Shahriar Krourri (percussion).
A traditional “Haft-Seen” table will be presented and explained by members of our community along with recitations of classical poetry by Rumi.
Finally, Dr. Galeet Dardashti and Danielle Dardashti will present a special preview of their Public Radio Exchange (PRX) podcast,  The Nightingale of Iran. They will discuss their grandfather, famed singer and Hazzan, Younes Dardashti, and his journey from Iran to America.
Sponsored by Music @ Temple Beth-El of Great Neck (TBE), Temple Israel of Great Neck (TIGN) and Sephardic Heritage Alliance Inc (SHAI). 
For more information call 516-487-0900. Click here to register.