Temple Beth-El

Contemporary Shabbat & Podium Rededication

Friday, April 7, 2023    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Contemporary Shabbat
Join us for a service blending classical and contemporary Reform styles that features a significant number of English readings and musical settings and includes a Friday night Torah reading.

Podium Rededication
We will rededicate Rabbi Rudin’s podium, which has recently been refurbished. Join us as Abby Crisses gives a guest d’var Torah during the service to help rededicate the podium. 

Rabbi Jacob was a towering figure during his tenure at Temple Beth-El, from 1930 to 1971.  It was under his rabbinate that our chapel, now known as the Rudin Chapel, was built.  As part of its construction, a large ornate wood podium was installed and it was from there that Rabbi Rudin preached and led our congregation through significant growth, establishing Temple Beth-El as a leading synagogue in the American Jewish community.  The podium was continually used in the chapel for another 40+ years including at the Bar Mitzvah of Alexander Crisses and the Bat Mitzvah of Amanda Crisses in the 1990s.  In honor of those lifecycle events, their parents, Abby and Andy generously dedicated the podium.  This year, the podium, which has been completely refurbished, comes back into use at Temple Beth-El.  In honor of their children and in support our holy community, the Crisses family has generously refurbished the podium.  The “Rudin Podium” carries a great legacy and with the continued support of the Crisses family, the beautiful and ornate podium will be used again at Temple Beth-El.

Followed by a post-service Congregational Conversation on Prayer led by Rabbi Stoller.